How to Choose a Kitchen Countertop

Choosing a kitchen countertop is one of the joys of remodeling, even if the entire remodel is nothing more than changing the kitchen countertop! Here we offer a framework for making an assessment and choosing colors and stone types. Hopefully, this will help you work out some of the details of what will make an excellent countertop for your kitchen. 



One of the first things to determine the type of countertop which will suit the kitchen the best is a careful assessment of the space, layout, and lighting of the kitchen area. A dark countertop in a kitchen without natural light can be more dismal than dramatic.

As a design element

When it comes to kitchen design, countertops are king. Ideally, the choice of the countertop should come before the cabinetry, the flooring, the lighting, or any other options within the kitchen designs. But, even during a remodel, the countertop can be matched to accommodate any situation. Countertops generate the most excitement in kitchen design.

Types of stone

A manufactured stone such as quartz is a solid, uniform material and color, making it the most popular option. Countertops can also be created using natural stone such as granite or marble. Each type of stone has its benefits, such as heat resistance, scratch resistance, and more. These attributes should be considered before a homeowner makes a decision. There are past blogs which describe the differences in stone types.


The selection of a countertop color will depend on the design, the amount of space, the natural light, and the desires of the homeowner. So, for example, those who love the color blue may find that a white countertop with blue accents might appeal to the eye much more than a blue countertop. There are an array of colors, from neutral shades to something more exotic for those who want something unusual.

Other factors

After a countertop stone is chosen, a countertop expert will walk through the homeowner’s selection to add details, such as the style of edge and the finish. Sometimes, a homeowner will fall in love with a specific type of stone, and that is always understandable. At the same time, because of the vast array of stone types, sometimes a customer can have a tough time deciding what he wants. We have worked with both types and it’s a fascinating process.

The easiest way to get back on track is to consider the lighting, personal preferences, and kitchen habits. As a result, sometimes the right countertop will present itself by putting some thought into the needs of the situation.

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