Stone Fireplace Elements

If you live in a home which has an existing fireplace, you might think you’re stuck with the style until you move again. Nothing could be further from the truth. As more families choose to stay in their current home, upgrades have become much more prevalent. There are few things which add as much style and joy as updating a fireplace with stone tile.

For the holidays


An icon of American holiday traditions is the stockings hung by the chimney. Whether you ascribe to this picturesque notion or want to relax in front of a beautiful fire, there are plenty of gorgeous options to choose from when you decide to remodel your fireplace with stone components.


Because stone is fireproof, either stone tile or rough-hewn veneer can be used to fabricate a new fireplace overmantel, mantel, surround and hearth. A mantel slab is a gorgeous addition. Granite is a popular option since it’s economical and there are plenty of options in beautiful colors. All of the surfaces which have been ascribed to stone countertops The results are impressive.

Professional fabrication

Professional fabrication ensures that the stone components of your new fireplace will be beautiful and safe. Stone, particularly an extensive stone project, isn’t something that should be taken on by an amateur. Nor may a homeowner who is going to invest his hard-earned money into a project want that project installed by someone chosen by a Big Box store. An expert fabricator can create a stone fireplace which attractive enough to grace the most exquisite home at a surprisingly affordable price. Once finished, it will be a focal point where your family can gather for years to come.


Your home

It should also be noted that we live in a world where social media opens the door of our homes to people on the internet. Whether it’s selfies or holiday pictures, sooner or later our homes are going to be on display in social media pictures. As a family-owned business, we understand that your home is an extension of who you are and what is important to you. Wanting our fireplace to be a beautiful background for happy memories and photos is reasonable. Cultivating a home where there is beauty and elegance for our children to enjoy will be the basis for many happy childhood memories. We want to be a part of your fireplace transformation. If you’re considering one, give us a call!

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