Edging Toward Perfection in Countertops

A homeowner wants and is entitled to the very best countertop for their needs. But, what looks bright and shiny in the Big Box store can be a hideous mistake when a homeowner has it installed in a kitchen or bath. There are several reasons a premade countertop is often not a good option. Here are some of the choices which make a custom-fabricated countertop the best option:

The stone

Each piece of stone can be hand-selected before fabrication to ensure the stone is precisely the one the customer wanted and has all of the features to meet the needs of the kitchen, such as matching the existing decor, depth, color, and shape. Your stone will always be the one you chose and not something which is ''close to it.''

A homeowner can also choose a stone which will match the needs of the family and their lifestyles, such as a busy, messy cook or something kid-friendly. The right fabricator can help a homeowner sort which options might fit both their kitchen and their lifestyle.

Finding the right finish for the slab and decor is an art.

Once the stone is selected, it's time to choose a finish. Whether 'it's smooth, matte, or leathered, selecting a finish will rely heavily on the rest of the kitchen or bath decor and what kind of treatment 'it's likely to receive at the hands of the inhabitants.


Each finish has a different effect on the stone, which, combined with the natural beauty, gives the piece a life of its own.

Edging offers different looks for various decor styles.

There are so many options for edging, and each has benefits and drawbacks. Depending on the stone, room decor, and desires of the customer, edging can be simple or elaborate. Each type of edging gives a vastly different look to the finished product, so the final choice should be carefully considered.

The right installer

The right installer can make seams imperceptible, which is why the right combination of patience, experience, and skills are so essential when it comes to making a stone counter look its best.

If a homeowner is considering having a stone countertop installed in the kitchen or bath, he can go with one of two options: a big box employee, whose job it is to sell as many products as possible, or a custom stone fabricator, whose job it is to create the most beautiful product possible for the home of his customer. The choice is a pretty easy one!

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