Granite Upgrades Offer Lasting Value

We all want our home to increase in value, and one of the ways to do that is to make sure the upgrades we choose are those which bring timeless, long-lasting quality to the home. Granite countertops are certain to provide the type of update which will hold value for decades to come.


While some homeowners choose their upgrades with an eye on a future home sale, others sagely reason that remodeling dollars should be primarily geared toward upgrades which will bring them the most immediate happiness. Fortunately, granite countertops will serve both camps well, whether the homeowner decides to stay or sell the home.


Kitchen is king

An aesthetically-pleasing kitchen is always a hot market item. A person investing in real estate may search by location, but when it comes to actual sales, the kitchen is king. The rest of the home is often secondary in importance to potential buyers An older kitchen which still sports Formica or tired, chipped tiles, regardless of how clean it is or how many appliance upgrades it features, is not going to have the appeal of one which has gorgeous, eye-catching granite countertops and backsplashes.

Color options

Color preferences aside, for those families who have a busy, active kitchen with lots of children and sticky fingers, darker colors will effectively mask prints and smears. (The exception, of course, is black.) For those who are more inclined toward a pristine appearance, white or light neutrals might be worth considering.

As with any upgrade, color choice and styles should integrate well with the rest of the kitchen and even with the rest of the home. This can have particularly stunning results, especially with high-contrast colors. In a neutral-based home, less contrast blends well to provide a seamless transition.

Whether a homeowner is planning to sell or keep their home, granite countertops are a wise investment with lasting value. If you’re considering a counter upgrade, why not talk to one of our design experts about it?

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