Cambria Matte™

One of the hottest trends we see in countertops is a matte finish. And Cambria Matte™ is leading the pack. The new Cambria finish is smooth and luxurious, but it isn’t glossy. Think of a matte finish like a soft felt to the eye, rather than glass. The result is truly stunning.

No longer content to rush and wipe up every spill and fingerprint, homeowners and businesses alike are embracing the carefree option a matte countertop offers. Even though matte doesn’t gleam like a high gloss finish, it’s every bit as beautiful, and makes a profound statement as a countertop in any situation.



Cambria Matte™ is durable, every bit as durable as its gloss counterpart, but with the added benefit of not having to worry about every tiny smudge on the sheen, because there is no sheen to mar.

No maintenance

Even though it gives every other stone countertop a run for its money, there is virtually no maintenance required for Cambria Matte™ to keep its outstanding look. Just wipe it off, using a little dish soap if desired. That’s it. Cambria Matte™, like all Cambria products, is an inherently clean, bacteria-resistant product.

Seriously, no maintenance

It's not just that Cambria Matte™ doesn’t need harsh cleaners, it’s also those harsh cleaners can damage the beautiful finish of your countertop. So, per the manufacturer's instructions, never use abrasive cleaners, bleach, Comet, SOS pads, oven cleaners, sealers, penetrants or topical treatments. (There is a list.) They’ll wear off unevenly and poorly.

More economical than granite

While it’s possible to find a granite that is less expensive, Cambria is the cheaper option when it comes to granite of equal quality. So, unless a homeowner is planning on installing poor-grade materials, Cambria is the better value.

Consistent color

Because Cambria Matte™ is a manufactured stone, there is no problem with matching the color if a homeowner decides later down the road he wants to add an island to his kitchen. While we realize that the trend is to have cabinets and such which don’t match, the homeowner who wants to have the option to choose matching countertops will be delighted with Cambria Matte™.

Is there anything that will hurt it?

Cambria Matte™ is incredibly strong. So strong that a professional fabricator should install it so they can test the soundness of the cabinetry before the countertop is added. However, what Cambria Matte™ can’t handle is heat. Excessive heat will damage your Cambria Matte™ countertop. So, always use a hot pad when needed.

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