Exterior Stone Fabrication Projects

Now is the time of year to get those exterior stone fabrication projects lined up and completed so your family can enjoy them in the spring and summer months. Today we’re going to talk about some of our most popular outdoor projects, the ones people ask for over and over again.


Outdoor countertop

Whether it’s for a more significant project, like an outdoor kitchen, or something as simple as an outdoor bar, there’s something intrinsically appealing about seeing a smooth slab of stone in a natural outdoor setting. Many homeowners appreciate this and use their outdoor living spaces as an area to showcase a countertop piece they enjoy.

Outdoor seating

For those who want a stone project outdoors, a countertop doesn’t fit in with their decor plans. Instead, they opt for a stone bench or other stone seating to create a natural ambiance in outdoor seating in a compact area.

Waterfalls, fountains, and ponds

Water features and stonework go together most pleasingly, offering the soothing sound of water with the eye appeal of stone. While it isn’t the Havasupai Falls, it's certainly worthy of both the backyard barbecue crowd, who are sure to be pleased by the added atmosphere, or a place for some solo contemplative time.

Walls, ledges, and niches

For the homeowner who wants to keep it simple, yet wants something at eye level, stone walls and niches are the way to go. Not limited to the smoother texture of a countertop, these features tend to remain in their more natural state, whether the element involves the use of a slab or individual blocks or pavers.

Fireplace or fire pit

By nature, we are tribal people, and nothing screams tribal like sitting around a fire with friends. Exterior fireplaces and firepits allow for additional comfort on chilly evenings and provide an unparalleled ambiance. A fire feature coupled with a pool or waterfall is the ultimate in bliss.

Flooring and tile

Stone is a natural for outdoor pavers and tile. While some homeowners like the one-color approach, others like to go with a variety or a mosaic approach. Our attitude is that if you can dream it, we can build it. We want to create a floor which you’ll be happy with for a long time. In addition to durability and longevity, stone flooring in the outdoors creates the perfect balance between function and beauty.

While the choices for exterior stone projects are certainly not limited to these options, they are some of the more requested features. Some homeowners have a vision in mind, and when that’s the case, we work hard to help them achieve their dream home.

If you have a home, business or rental property in the Metro Phoenix area and are considering upgrading with granite countertops or other stonework features, call us here at JDM Countertops at 602-461-7559.