Brazilian Granite Countertop for a Happily Ever After

When Janine and Hagar Wentle* decided to put granite in their elegant Prescott home, it was no easy decision to pick the granite for their countertop.

“I looked at so many options,” Janine told us. “Some of them were beautiful but suppliers didn’t have the amount I needed. Some were ugly. Some were expensive. Then, I came across this gorgeous Brazilian granite and fell in love with it. The price was reasonable, and it was plentiful. We just love it.”

What many people may not know is that Brazil has been a wellspring of gorgeous, high-quality stone for a long time. Initially, gold mining was what attracted miners to Brazil, and later, marble was discovered by the (who else?) Italians. So, when granite became the go-to material for stone counters, Brazil was ready.



Technological advances out of Europe made the cutting process much more rapid, and the signature gold, combined with creams, browns, and swirls of grey, makes Brazilian Lapidus granite exotic-looking enough for even the most high-end home.


For the homeowner, Ubatuba, the dark green, almost black colored stone is known as granite but is Brazilian charnockite, a feldspar-quartz mix.

Giallo Napoleon granite

Giallo Napoleon granite tends to run light yellow gold and low-veined, with grey, burgundy, and off white flecks for contrast. This coloring works in a vast array of applications, such as kitchen countertops, baths, bars, and more. Indoors or out, it’s always impressive.

Quality and consistency

Another high mark for Brazilian granite is that it offers consistency and excellent quality. For the homeowner, who wants a unique and distinct pattern flow even in a situation where one-of-a-kind slabs are used, this is ideal. Each piece is unique, but they work in tandem for a beautiful finished effect.


With such a selection of granite colors in abundance, it’s easy to see why Brazil has become the source of nearly half the stone produced worldwide. They’ve risen to the challenge by providing innovation, technology, and resources needed to mine and develop Brazil’s stone industry.

In the home

Granite lends itself beautifully to countertop fabrication, tile fabrication, backsplash, and other stone elements which can dramatically enhance the look of your home. We can’t stress how essential it is to choose the stone slab in person to visually inspect the stone colors and match them with the elements which will surround the stone in the planned application.

The end

Once the new granite is in place, if you’ve been fortunate enough to be like Janine and Hagar Wentle, you may discover that, like them, once the Brazilian granite is, and you realize what an incomparable slab of beauty you’ve chosen for your home, that you, too, can live happily ever after.

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*Real names withheld