Outdoor Kitchen Surfaces

Outdoor kitchens are the hottest ticket running for remodeling the home. After a cooling off period, these great additions to home exteriors have come back in style in the Valley full force for a couple of reasons.  Remodeling instead of moving has become the go-to. Not just because people are more interested in the quality of life rather than quantity of a home’s square footage, but also because outdoor living spaces are used when needed, and they can be mostly ignored and don’t need to be heated or cooled when they aren’t required.


So, let’s look at some of these options and some of the considerations the homeowner should keep in mind when they opt for an outdoor kitchen.

The architecture of the home

The design of an outdoor kitchen should integrate smoothly into the architecture of the home. An outdoor kitchen which is incongruent with the style of your home will make others ask, “What were they thinking?” So, it’s worth it to spend the money to get a style which will elicit a ‘Wow!” rather than a “Wha..?” from your guests. 

Needs of the family

Whether a homeowner decides to go for a gas barbecue with a rotisserie spit or a pizza oven or warming stove, the choices have to reflect what is on the menu on a regular basis. Some homeowners opt for more countertop space, so there is plenty of room for the crockpot and bar stools. There is a wide variety of personal preference to take into consideration.

Another trend we see is a distancing from untenable materials. Some families are opting away from plastic and don’t want to be responsible for adding to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Granite is our most often requested countertop material because it doesn’t discolor or fade. It blends well with stone building materials and requires minimal care.


HOA and city regs

As more people live in planned communities, the HOA rules are both a promise and a threat. Sometimes, when a neighbor builds something which is against HOA regulations, a homeowner will see it and choose to do the same. When the HOA finally drops the hammer, not only are all parties forced to make a change, but there can be fines, as well. So, knowing what is acceptable within the boundaries of the HOA regs is a must, before the implementation of a plan.

The right fabricator/installer

Because an outdoor kitchen adds to the value of the home, choosing the right company to build an outdoor kitchen surfaces means a higher aesthetic appeal and better resale value down the road. Knowing the installer has the experience, skill, and expertise to seamlessly integrate all of the elements of an outdoor kitchen into an existing home is a central premise to the success of the project.

If you have a home, business or rental property in the Metro Phoenix area and are considering upgrading with an outdoor kitchen, granite countertops or other stonework features, call us here at JDM Countertops at 602-461-7559.