Adding Pizzazz to Your Bathroom with Granite


Bathrooms aren't what they used to be. They've gone from being functional or cutesy to places of beauty and high comfort. There are very few things more beautiful or elegant than granite in a bathroom. There are a few considerations which need to be addressed before you add a granite countertop or other features to your bathroom.


Because a bathroom counter doesn’t demand the same square footage as a kitchen, a bathroom is an excellent place to ‘try’ granite in your home if you’ve never had it. While granite is a higher-end option for a bathroom, the result isn’t going to be cheap, industrial concrete or Grandma’s 4x4 tiles.  Granite is luxurious.

Choices, choices

Don’t be shy about using granite for other features, either.  Tub surrounds, thresholds, ledges, window sill caps, and bench seats in a bathroom with a granite counter will bring a cohesiveness to the bathroom that matching towels just won’t.  



If you want to go all out, granite floor tiles are a great option. Because a bathroom isn’t as big as other rooms in the house, this can be doable. If you fall in love with a higher-end option, it’s been our experience that it’s worth the investment to get what you want, rather than ‘settling,’ since you’re going to be living with it for a long time. It has a fabulous ROI if you sell, but, honestly, you may not want to when you see the results.


Since granite is heavy and can be damaged during installation, professional installers are the best option for optimal results. A good one can make it look seamless.

 Whether you choose tiles or a slab, granite is durable, bacteria- and heat- resistant, comes in a multitude of colors and textures, and there is a multitude of edging options to consider.


The upkeep of granite is minimal. Keep the more wicked liquids off of it, such as fruit juice, wine, and hair dye by wiping them up immediately. Seal your granite periodically with a high-quality sealer. Other than that, all it needs is a wipe down with a soapy sponge or dishrag. After wiping it down, some people like to buff it out with a microfiber cloth, especially if it has a polished surface, which will bring out that mirror shine. 

Once you determine that you want granite in your bathroom, even if you haven’t thought through all of the details--or maybe especially if you haven’t considered all the details--give us a call or come by the showroom. We will work with your space and budget so your bathroom will become the beautiful, elegant showplace you envisioned.

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