Preparing for a Countertop Installation

If you’ve decided you want stone countertops, it’s understandable that the excitement will build and time will seem to move slowly. For the installation to go as smoothly as possible, you’ll want to prepare for the remove/replacement of your counters.


As with any construction project, the amount of time it takes depends on several mitigating factors. But, you can ease the process along by being ready when the installers arrive. We’re going to offer some ways you can make the installation process go more smoothly. But first, here are some suggestions for the homeowner who is remodeling.

Make sure you're happy with your existing cabinets

The last thing you want to do is put lipstick on a pig, as it were. A custom made countertop is created for the cabinets, so make sure you already own the cabinets you want, because you won't be able to replace them after the fact. They should be sturdy enough to handle a stone countertop, as well.


Choose a new sink (unless your old one is an undermount), and often the faucet, which has to go with the new sink, and the garbage disposal, which is attached to the sink, if the counter project is in the kitchen.

Old appliances

Old appliance colors don’t necessarily always match the new countertop. At some point, you’ll have to decide if you want to do a complete overhaul and replace the appliances at the time of the countertop installation. 


Paint is the most straightforward decor item to change, but be aware that there may be touch up required unless you do it after the installation. The installers are meticulously careful, but, as with any construction, sometimes there might be an issue.


Backsplash or tile

The backsplash is installed after the countertop.  If it’s installed before the countertop, it can be damaged by the counter installation, because it sits right on top of the counter in most situations. 

Block off pets and children 

We love animals and think children are adorable, so we want to make sure they’re safe during the installation process.  There will be a  lot of activity, but it’s also essential to have pets locked away so everyone is safe from tripping over a pet during the process of moving a half-ton slab.

Move cars, furniture, or other objects

Installation goes much more smoothly if the installers aren’t trying to wield your new countertop around your cars, garage junk, entry table, or antique kitchen hutch. The best thing to do is to clear a path by moving everything out of the way.

Remove countertop items

Remove all dishware, countertop appliances, soap holders, rugs, decorations and other items from the counter, beneath the sink and surrounding area. 

Even people who have tidy counters discover there is quite a bit more than they thought once they begin to clear away what is on the current counter. So, it’s best to move it out early.

New countertops create a sweeping and lasting change to a kitchen or bath area. Hopefully, these suggestions have given you some ideas about how you can be a part of a smooth installation.