Why We Love White Kitchens

*and what to do when we don’t anymore.


White kitchens have had a surge in popularity. Since homeowners love the look, various granite manufacturers and suppliers made it their business to ensure the aficionados of white countertops could get the variety of white hues when they wanted. Why do we love white kitchens? And what happens when we decide we don’t? 

White reflects light, which is essential in a kitchen


Overhead and task lighting will work, of course, but there is something about natural light which teases the eye and makes it linger. That’s one of the reasons a seat by the window is such a coveted spot in a restaurant, and why people put their tables near a window. We think it’s for the view, but the light is alluring. White makes the room brighter because it reflects the light back into the room. 

White kitchens with natural lighting sell homes

White makes a kitchen look clean and inviting. It also makes space seem larger, beckoning friends and family to come in and lend a hand or loiter for a bit. A white counter doesn’t hide crumbs or stains or anything a homeowner might not want hiding on it, seen or unseen, and the ability to check for this with an eye sweep appeals to some cooks.

Changing Tides

The natural affinity for a white kitchen may wane. Some of us have a great fondness for change. At some point, the same gaze which so lovingly embraced the white kitchen may come to crave color, which is when a white countertop becomes a paramount value.


White countertops not only pair well with other whites, but they also match phenomenally well with color, thus making it simple to reinvent a kitchen which already has a white countertop and other white elements. Adding bright accessories, wallpaper, or colorful curtains is often enough. Some homeowners opt to paint the cabinets, which presents a dramatic change.


The beauty of being able to work with a white countertop to create a new look is that a homeowner can rework an entire kitchen around a classic white countertop without enormous time, trouble, or expense. Once that style no longer appeals to them, the kitchen can be reworked again, once more without a massive expenditure of time and funds, to create another look. 

A homeowner wants to love the look of their kitchen year after year. And be able to make it look fresh and new if they get in the mood for a change. White kitchen countertops allow for this and do it in a way that blends freshness with a lifetime of durability.

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