Vessel Sinks in the Bathroom

Oval cermaic vessel sink.

Oval cermaic vessel sink.

When a homeowner is seeking a new look in the bath, a stone countertop adapts particularly well to a vessel sink.

A vessel sink is a vessel--be it a bowl, basin, or bucket, which serves as a sink. Before the ubiquitous drop down, undermount, and pedestal sinks, homeowners used a wash basin with a pitcher for their morning ablutions. When modern plumbing was born, we got away from the pitcher and wash basin, but now technology has advanced far enough to make this a viable and reasonable option. 

The faucet

A single-hole, single handle faucet lends well to a vessel sink. The height of the faucet depends on the shape and height of the vessel sink. The shape of the sink is essential because splashing could result if the vessel is low and flat. A solid designer will know how to avoid the splashing problem. 

China. Handmade ceramic.

China. Handmade ceramic.

Distinctive decor

Vessel sinks are becoming more popular since homeowners whole have spent their lives enjoying undermount and pedestal sinks. People are ready for a change, which a vessel sink provides. 

Relief for tall people

As the vessel sink, the modern version of a wash basin, is becoming more popular, taller people are relieved from bending over quite so far to use them. That's because the vessel sits (for the most part) on top of the counter, thereby raising the level one needs to bend in order to use it.



Undermount sinks are defined by the shape of the hole in a countertop. The hole in the counter, shaped for the undermoun, the homeowner is committed to keeping that sink shape for the life of the counter. However, a vessel sink can be any size or shape. If the homeowner decides to change the look, the vessel sink can be swapped out for a new one. The only real requirement is a 1-¾” hole for the drain in the countertop. 

Granite countertops lend themselves admirably to a variety of vessel sink looks. From an Asian theme, traditional American, to Italian glass, a granite countertop merges well with whatever look the homeowner desires.


We’ve discussed maintenance of granite countertops before. Cleaning of the vessel sink depends upon the material from which it’s comprised. Stone vessel sinks, of course, will be treated as stone. Other materials will have their own requirements, but both sides of the vessel will need attention, and more meticulous and frequent cleaning will be required for transparent glass or plastic options.


The material and care of a vessel sink will largely determine its longevity. However, the ease of installation makes this a very simple sink to replace. The one caveat is that the installer should take care that the initial setup is a stable one to prevent damage to the sink, itself.

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