The Quality Conundrum

For years, the American consumer was impatient, wanting disposable products as quickly as possible, only to move on to something else in The Next Big Trend. 

Rock of Ages Quarry by Ben B Miller

Rock of Ages Quarry by Ben B Miller

As a result of this, a growing body of consumers, tired of cheaply made items which don’t hold their value, have begun to push back, asking for products which can be easily cared for and won’t have to be replaced, particularly in the home. 

The new question

The question is not, “How cheap can I get this done? The question is, “How nice can this counter and kitchen be now and ten, twenty, or fifty years from now?”

Our grandparents understood this. They chose products with a sharp eye toward quality because they preferred classic, lasting value over disposables.

Timeless beauty

This change in perspective will provide the savvy homeowner with the wisdom he needs to choose and maintain lasting components of a household.  In our business, we’ve had thousands of customers come to us. The reason? They were tired of having to remodel because they had to replace their Formica, tile or linoleum after ten years because it cracked or bubbled.

Less hassle

Also, the homeowner no longer wanted to struggle with the prospect of regrouting, mold or other issues which plague cheap materials.

Even within the business, all countertops aren’t created equal.  Some of this is due to homeowner ignorance about the type of product which will suit their lifestyle, which is why it’s important to take the time to talk to the customer and find out what they need. 

Norcross Brothers Granite Quarry

Norcross Brothers Granite Quarry


Another problem is that beautiful granite can be poorly installed, which is the reason many homeowners shy away from buying Big Box countertops. Their installers are usually contractors who can’t get enough work with their own name, or countertop installation isn’t their primary job. The difference between what some of these installers produce and what real experts can provide can be astonishing. Expert installation is particularly crucial when one considers that the customer is permanently stuck with a poorly installed counter.


Beautiful, high-end products require care and maintenance. The good thing about granite is that it doesn’t require much of either. Usually, a wipe-down and a periodic resealing will keep a granite counter beautiful forever.


Oddly enough, once the homeowner has a stone countertop installed, it offers a higher resale in the housing market, even by those who profess to be trend chasers. The value of quality is unsurpassable regarding resale, even in a fickle market. People love timeless beauty. 

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