Stone Floor Care

When you have a stone floor, keeping it beautiful is easy, but it’s essential that the floor is kept clean, so it doesn’t have the opportunity to get scratched or stained. Today we’re going to talk about how a homeowner can keep his beautiful floor beautiful. Here are some tips:

Welcome mat


A welcome mat, or even a welcome mat at the front door and an entry rug just inside the door will help keep abrasive dirt particles from grinding into the stone floor. The reason is those small particles of dust and dirt act like sandpaper when they wear against the stone. Welcome mats and entry rugs should be cleaned frequently to prevent them from becoming saturated with dirt. Vacuum, shake or wash them out, but do it often. Some people even like to have two sets so they can rotate to the clean one while the dirty one is being cleaned.

Some families enact a ‘no shoes’ policy when indoors. We are fortunate that Arizona has a warmer climate which makes not wearing shoes indoors a viable option. It isn’t for everyone, but something to consider.

A dust mop

A dust mop picks up dirt which manages to pass the front door mats or which comes from other sources. Daily dust mopping is a necessary but easy way to keep the stone floor clean. Many dust mop brands have interchangeable heads so a homeowner can use a clean dust mop every time. 

A damp mop

Following the dust mop, use a damp mop. Daily mopping isn’t out of the question if it is done swiftly using a water-dampened mop without a cleaning product. You will be doing your stone floor a service even if you only mop the high traffic areas, or, as a famous cleaning guru says, ‘Just the middles!’ Daily damp mopping means that floors require less frequent deep cleaning, but always use a quality stone floor product (labeled specifically for stone floors.) Clean up spills immediately. Nothing is kinder to your stone floor than cleaning up spills as they occur, but if it’s something icky, blot, don’t wipe.  If it’s something which requires cleaning, make sure it's a neutral cleaner, stone soap, or a mild dishwashing liquid.

Don't forget the entry rugs!

Don't forget the entry rugs!

Scratch prevention

Even though stone is an incredibly hard surface, it can still be scratched. It’s essential that nothing be dragged over the surface of the stone which could scratch or mar it in any way. This includes furniture, a broken dolly or vacuum, or even a child’s riding toy. 

Grease, oil, and wax

Three of the worst offenders for damaging stone floors are oil, grease, and wax, which should be wiped immediately. Floor wax products should never be used on stone floors for any reason. Even wax candles should be watched diligently to ensure drips are never permitted to land on stone. 


Regular sealing should be a regular part of routine care. How often will depend on the amount of foot traffic an area receives, current ongoing attention, and your installer’s instructions. Think of sealant as a protectant, but not impervious to stains and spills, much like waxed furniture.

Minor but frequent cleaning will keep your stone flooring looking beautiful for the life of your home.

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