Considerations during a Remodel


During a remodel, the stone, size, and shape of the countertop might be the first consideration. Since the backsplash will have a substantial impact on the final look, the architect or installer can guide the homeowner through the different options and looks which can be achieved with it. A complimentary sink is the next decision, as it will have to be chosen before production.

If a matching floor is going to be installed, that comes next.  Many people continue an ongoing theme with matching stone accents in the flooring, which offers continuity without being overwhelming.

The style of edging can also have an enormous impact on the overall result. A less stylized edge will have a cleaner, softer look. A more stylized edge will create a more formal look. Each has a place depending on the project and other elements, such as the cabinets and floors, which should be taken into consideration.

The finish is the last thing to consider. Every finish creates a very different look in the same stone, so it’s worth taking some time to study the effects of the finish on the stone, the final look, and the image it will project.


A polished finish is achieved with a fine grinding process. I’s It’s the smoothest finish to clean, and less porous than other finishes. Because of its smooth surface, swirls, flecks, and its natural designs are showcased.  It doesn’t need to be sealed as frequently as other finishes, either.


The soft-matte look of a honed finish is highly appealing. While it doesn’t take traffic as well as a polished surface, it still cleans well. The process of creating a honed finish involves polishing the stone until it is just short of a polished finish, and the result is that the stone still keeps some of its ‘voice.’  A honed surface is best for a homeowner who doesn’t mind sealing a little more frequently than one with a polished surface. The result is sublime.


A leathered finish is also known as a brushed finish. A leathered surface still retains a tremendous amount of the stone’s personality. Frequent cleaning and sealing are part and parcel for a leathered finish, so it isn’t the best choice for a homeowner who tends to be untidy or one with messy children.

Regardless of the options, each of these styles is beautiful and create a lasting impact on the remodel of your dreams.