Wall Tile Materials

In a previous blog, we talked about choosing tile designs in various colors and sizes for bathroom walls, and how those can create exciting elements in a bathroom. But what types of materials are available in wall tiles? Is a metal tile really metal?


Glass mosaics

One of the hottest looks on the form right now is glass mosaic tiles. They come in colored and metallic or iridescent finishes and can be made to match virtually any surface. The downside is that mosaics are much less economical than other options, and if public opinion turns away from the trend, the home could lose buyer appeal if the homeowner decides to sell.

Natural stone


Stone has a classic feel and ubiquitously sought after by a considerable number of home buyers. Stone can be found in marble, travertine, granite, and composite options. It offers a diversity of colors and a variety of textures not found in other tile materials. Since stone is a natural product, each piece is unique, making it a wildly popular option for homeowners looking for a one-of-a-kind touch. Natural stone ranges in size from mosaic to subway to oversized. Stone is higher maintenance than other materials: since it is prone to staining and water mineral damage, it has to be carefully sealed on a regular basis. Stone also has to be cleaned with specialty products, making it more expensive and labor intensive to maintain.


Ceramic and porcelain tiles

The difference between ceramic and porcelain tiles is subtle but distinctive. Porcelain tiles are highly durable, high-density, low porosity material with superior water impermeability. Ceramic tiles, while often lumped together with porcelain, are a multilayered, more porous, less refined material. While ceramic is not as durable as porcelain, it comes in a vast array of sizes, shapes, and colors, thereby offering a broad range of options.

 ‘Metal’ wall tiles are stainless steel over porcelain. Metal tiles are one of the pricier options usually used as an accent feature, rather than for vast areas. But, because the metal is opulent in any color, a little goes a long way.


Floor tiles

Floor tiles for bathrooms should be chosen after the wall tiles since the visual appeal for a bathroom starts at eye level. Whereas it used to be the norm to tile only a portion of a wall, the newer looks feature wall tiles which encompass the whole wall, or even the entire room, including the floor.

 The best way to decide which types of options would work in your bathroom is to talk to a pro about it because they can work with you to help you achieve the bathroom walls you’ve always wanted. 

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