The Bold Kitchen


New technology has given us fabulous options in building materials. Nowhere is this more obvious (or more appreciated) than in the kitchen and bath. Stone countertops are now offered in an array of options. 

Bold is the new look. The homeowner can work this option in several ways. One is to go with a bold countertop, or with intense wall paint. Many homeowners are going with a boldly painted cabinet palette and a classic look in their countertop colors. 

Choose a bold countertop color or a bold cabinet color. What happens when you do both? The end product can be overwhelming. So, a few established rules can go a long way when it comes to making those crucial kitchen remodeling questions. 

Too many bold colors together can be overwhelming.

Too many bold colors together can be overwhelming.

Bold colors such as red, blue, black, or deep green on a countertop are better paired with neutral cabinets. For the person who chooses typically neutral colors, sticking to a neutral countertop choice and painting the cabinets is a better option. While painting cabinets is tricky and should probably be handled by a pro, it’s still more economical to paint the cabinets than it is to replace the countertop. Plus, once you choose a countertop you love, you'll want to showcase that, and the best way to do that is not to have it competing for the attention of the viewers’ eyes.

Surface finish

Some homeowners are willing to stick to more neutral colors but will turn to leathered or honed countertop finish to get that fantastic bold look. Those who are decidedly in favor of a more tensile look, but who don’t want to peer at every little crumb and scratch, are the people who will choose a textured surface finish.


Sometimes, the countertops, cabinets flooring and paint is all pleasantly neutral, and the surprise is in the form of a bold backsplash, such as these bright glass subway tiles. Backsplashes have the advantage of being incredibly versatile, with the added ability to pull the rest of the elements together in a pleasing way. 


The second bonus of a bold backsplash is that, of all the components in a kitchen remodeling job, the backsplash is the item which can make the most significant design impact. Because it’s right at eye level, it will never be missed. While it’s harder to replace than wall paint, it’s easier to replace than the cabinets or the entire countertop, and it’s more visible than flooring.

Bold accents


If the homeowner is more comfortable with soft or neutral colors but wants to shake things up for a short time, this can happen. By recovering the bar seat cushions or adding big floral vases or brightly -colored appliances will make your beautiful neutral stone countertops a joy to own since they’re incredibly versatile.

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