How to Keep Your Stone Shower Clean

Shower scum has a tendency to settle into the porous natural stone in your shower. It creates a buildup of soap grime which is unattractive. But, there are a few very simple things a homeowner can do to prevent soap scum buildup, which is the very best way to keep that stone shower looking amazing.

Avoiding trouble

Wipe the shower walls and floor down with a towel or a microfiber rag after each use. A little baking soda solution can be used as a cleaning agent since baking soda will not damage the stone. This is an easy way to keep it beautiful without the use of any products or equipment at all.

It’s also important not to allow large quantities of soap and hair products to drip down the sides of the stone surfaces without wiping them off.Pump bottles, when used over-exuberantly by family members, are probably not a good idea, as this creates more cleaning. 

A squeegee will easily wipe away water which clings to stone walls and surfaces. Once again, the effect is instant and the stone stays beautiful.

Seal the surfaces and reseal them on a regular basis. Sealing doesn’t require a professional and helps repel water--and soap scum.

How to clean 

There are several products you can use on your stone shower. The important thing is to not use an acid, including vinegar or lemon. These products won’t work and can actually damage your stone. 

Here are some cleaning options:

Neutral cleaner
Stone soap
Mild dishwashing liquid

Another option is to use equal parts water and rubbing alcohol or vodka. This is a non-toxic, homemade option that some people swear by. 
If you read this blog last week, it will help you understand that a shower floor is just like a regular floor, except with a lot more water and messes. Regular care will keep it carefree, even in our hard Phoenix water. 

Thee or me?

Having someone else clean your stone showers is a perfectly acceptable option.

Having someone else clean your stone showers is a perfectly acceptable option.

If you decide to buy a stone soap, it’s important to buy a quality product from a stone specialty shop. Big box stores to not carry the kind of quality product you need! Advanced Sealers and Cleaners, with AC Technology are the products that we recommend and carry. They are safe for the environment, and are safer, faster, and easier to use than any other stone product on the market. 

If you decide none of these options are right for you and you’d rather have a professional come do it, give us a call. Some people have become very careful about the things they are willing to spend time doing, are busy with other things, or simply don’t enjoy cleaning. In those situations, having a professional come in and do the cleaning is the best option.