Why Businesses Choose Stone Features

One of the things that people find intriguing is why a business would buy a granite or marble counter or other feature for their office. After all, going into business implies a substantial risk. Merchandise can’t be seen through stone, so stone counters don’t fit in a retail merchandise business setting. But, commercial businesses can and do buy stone counters more often than you’d think. Below we list some of the reasons.

Granite sends a subliminal message of solidity and permanence

When a company uses granite for a countertop or even tables, it sends the message that we are a high-end operation and plan to be in business for a long time,” says Max W., a music industry expert. “Clients and other professionals respond to the message on some level,” he told us. “I want people to know that my business isn’t going to be run into the ground by every little dip in the economy. Granite sends that message, and I don’t have to say a single word, because my office says it for me.”

The look of granite

The coloring of a lot of granite is neutral--browns, tans, grays--and these are sustainable colors in any business. They’re soothing and make people comfortable. This, in turn, makes clients more likely to relax and conduct business. Some steer away from the polished finish granite and prefer something softer, either the honed or brushed look. Either way, the investment seems to pay off.

“I’ve been in my competitor’s office,” one client told us, “I have a granite counter and they have an old plastic Formica counter and we charge the same prices. Guess where the customers would rather spend their time and money?”

Long term quality

The cost of granite can be worked into the building loan and depreciated over the life of the piece. Some businesses have very humble beginnings. Once those days are over and when a small business becomes successful, it’s because the owner and staff usually spend more time in the office than they do waking hours in their own homes. Once they realize this, they want the office to be as nice as it can possibly be, so they’re willing to put money into pieces that create a certain ambiance. Stone features help make this happen.

Who are they?

Some of our clients include funeral homes, law offices, accountants, air bed and breakfasts, and other in-house service type businesses.  They are establishments where setting and maintaining an image is important.

In the quest to stand out in businesses where every edge matters, stone features are helping small businesses succeed.