How Stone Countertops Add Value of Your Home and Life

For many people, their home is their greatest long term investment. As such, it’s important for their home to increase in value. One of the ways to increase your home’s value is to make quality, long-lasting upgrades, such as the kind granite counter tops provide.

When a homeowner looks at ways to increase the appeal of their home, it isn’t just for the benefit of the next owner. You may live in your house for years before you ever decide to move. That being the case, when it is time to renovate, it’s worth your while to make upgrades which offer timeless value. Since granite is one of those materials, more and more people are turning to granite upgrades to provide lasting and aesthetically pleasing spaces in their kitchen. Not only because they’re beautiful, but because they last pretty much forever as long as you take care of them. 

In fact, after location, many home sales experts agree you aren’t selling your home--you’re selling your kitchen; the rest of the house is secondary. Does this mean you should put your renovation dollars into it? That depends on what the kitchen looks like now. The truth is, many older homes contain counters with scratched, cracked, or chipped Formica or tile. These problems make a kitchen look tired.

One solution to this is stone counter tops. But, there are so many choices! How does a homeowner choose? One of the ways to determine the kind of stone countertop you choose is by the kind of lifestyle you lead. People who are hard on their counters need a harder type of stone. 

You also have a choice of colors. 

If your home is a busy, child-filled place, it stands to reason that you’ll choose something tough in a darker color, so it won’t show every crumb and smear. If you enjoy a more opulent, less messy lifestyle, your counter can be white or very light neutrals.

Some people choose the color of their counter based on what fits into the rest of the kitchen or home. This can have particularly stunning results, especially high contrast colors. In a neutral-based home, less contrast blends well to provide a seamless transition.

One thing is for certain: Whatever you choose is certain to be a premium addition to your home and provide lasting value now, and when you sell your home, and that's a beautiful thing.