Fundamentals of Granite In Your Bathroom

When choosing granite in your bathroom, the first thing you need to determine is what your budget will allow. Then do some overtime at work, hold a yard sale or do a couple of odd jobs if you aren't quite within fiscal reach of your very favorite options.

Granite increases the resale value and appeal of your home, but you may not want to go wild if you aren’t in your ‘forever home’. For this reason, granite in the bathroom is a viable option because the square footage required is generally smaller, making it a more affordable option than kitchen granite.

One caveat: once you see the results, you might not be so eager to sell!

Granite isn’t just for counters, either. Thresholds, bench seats, niches, tub surrounds and ledge caps are other places where you can use granite. The edge detail will depend on where it’s located and what you like. The edging cut will dramatically change the look of a piece of granite.  Here are some edging profiles so you can see the variety available. 

Want more?

Don’t look down--granite flooring is another option, and if that isn't enough, there is a huge array of accessories. 

The opulent elegance of granite transforms a bathroom into a natural, silky eye-feast. Whether you go with a budget granite material, or something more high-end, the resulting look is phenomenal. 

A silky eye-feast...

A silky eye-feast...

Granite is durable, easy to maintain, hygienically superior and heat resistant, so that curling iron won’t cause it to melt or scorch. It comes in tiles and slabs. It can be bought or stained in any color, from the soft, natural shades to very dark tones. It can be cut to virtually any shape and size. Plus, a good installer can make it look seamless. 

Granite doesn’t look cheap because it isn’t cheap. It’s a high-end, upscale material which fits in with any decor style.The possibilities are so vast that it’s possible to achieve exactly the look you want--and the results are gratifying. 

Granite is a heavy material and because it can be damaged, nearly everyone opts for professional installation. Some types of granite need to be sealed, and then resealed every few years to maintain its lustrous appearance. But, beyond that, maintenance is minimal--nothing more than a wet, soapy dishrag or sponge is required. One exception: you won’t want to allow anything to stain or damage the granite. (Hair dyes and juice come to mind.) If you wipe up any spills and keep it sealed, it will last a lifetime.

Once you finish decking out your bathroom in granite, you may start looking at other areas of your home where you can add granite detail. The possibilities are boundless and you will love the look.

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