Options for Granite Beyond the Countertop

If you’re looking for something more unique in decor options, why not consider a granite wall in the master bedroom or living area? As the Valley’s premier stone fabricators, we have the privilege of seeing many unique requests for granite options beyond countertops.


People love to add granite to their homes for several reasons. It’s upscale, luxurious, hygienic, and durable. A stone wall can be added to a room, and it will always look elegant without the need ever to be repainted. Plus, it comes in a delightful array of options. Today, we’re going to look at granite options in areas of the home other than the kitchen and bath and how a homeowner can translate the vision of that into a reality.



Some homeowners, of course, have granite countertops installed in their kitchen or bathroom and are happy with that. Others want to expand to other rooms of the home. These extras can include walls, tile flooring, niches, stairs, shelves, thresholds, even benches in fabricated stone. Because we are custom fabricators, we can design anything you want, to fit any area. This advantage truly puts the homeowner in charge.


Budget constraints are also a factor when it comes to remodeling with stone. The durability of granite makes it an excellent option because nothing beats it for longevity. The appeal of remodeling once and never having to do it again can be tempting. At the same time, granite, as opposed to some other types of stone, is a widely affordable option.

A unique looking staircase

A granite staircase is nothing short of magnificent, particularly if it’s a winding or straight staircase and is a showpiece in the home. For those who are tired of carpeting and other staircase materials, granite can be a unique solution.

Fireplace components


Those who are looking for a unique fireplace mantel or hearth will enjoy exploring potential options for decorating what might be the heart of the home. The mantel, a particularly visible piece of home architecture, often dominates the room where the fireplace is located, whether it displays family treasures, candles, or holiday garland.

A granite hearth will glow in the light of the fire, and the enduring strength and fireproof nature of granite make it an excellent option.

Window sills

Window sills are a stunning use of granite, as they can be added for a subtle touch of luxury throughout the home. It’s a piece of interior trim which will last for the life of your home without discoloration, warping, or other problems.

If you’re considering granite elements for your home beyond the traditional countertops, give us a call. We can offer some options based on your home interior which will make it stand out from the rest. Regarding beauty, elegance, and smart decor, it’s hard to beat granite as an option regardless of which room of the house needs a lift.

If you have a home, business or rental property in the Metro Phoenix area and are considering upgrading with granite countertops or other stonework features, call us here at JDM Countertops at 602-461-7559.