Kitchen Remodeling with Granite for Impact and Value

Of all the upgrades which make an impact on a home, a kitchen renovation makes the most impact. Since a home is most people’s most significant investment, and the one they live with on a day to day basis, increasing its appeal is rewarding in more ways than one. After location, most realty experts agree that a kitchen is what buyers look at when they purchase a home, but living with a beautiful upgrade is where the value lies.

Visual appeal

Other than the floor, the countertop is the most prominent horizontal surface, the one where all eyes will rest during visits to the kitchen. So, the countertop makes a significant impact on the ambiance of a kitchen, therefore making it an excellent candidate for renovation dollars. One way of adding timeless value to those countertops is by using granite, which far surpasses other materials in durability, and therefore longevity.

Also, granite has tremendous visual appeal, and because it’s durable, will continue to look great through the years. Homeowners who want to spend a little less money can use granite tiles, which can also be used to create an extraordinary backsplash by using the same granite. In fact, some homes have the same granite all the way up the kitchen wall to the vent hood.

Lifestyle and color

If you have a busy life and children, you’ll want to choose a darker color, which doesn’t show orphaned crumbs. Another option is to select granite which is veined, mottled, or speckled with a variety of colors. If you spend a lot of time caring for your kitchen, a light color will make your kitchen look more spacious, even though it will require more frequent wiping. 



Another option is what type of finish to choose. Polished finishes are the most popular and easiest to clean; however, a honed or leathered finish can be amazingly elegant. Many bakers enjoy the polished finished because they use their countertop to roll out their dough.

Upgrading to granite countertops provide a unique opportunity to make a kitchen high-end, and it can be done without changing anything else in the kitchen. In fact, replacing the countertop with granite could be the entire renovation, although some homeowners replace the appliances, as well. 

Because it's the heart of a home, a kitchen is the most obvious choice when looking for a way to increase the appeal of a home, and granite countertops give a high return on renovation dollars.

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