Outdoor Living Spaces

Summer fun starts with beautiful outdoor living spaces where homeowners can invite their guests to relax and enjoy the southwestern lifestyle with them. Custom fabrication with the stone of the homeowner’s choosing means that the work will blend seamlessly with our desert surroundings. 


Wood-burning or gas fireplaces, fire pits, or barbecue areas compliment lounging areas, water features and other areas which showcase an outdoor area. The cost and number of features will be determined by budgeting considerations.

Durability is essential

Tiles, natural stone, slabs, or a mix of these features will all need to be installed by quality craftsmen since an outdoor setting is much more exposed to the elements and therefore have a much greater durability requirement. A reputable fabricator will steer you wisely.

For example, granite is the best material to use for an outdoor countertop. Not only is it beautiful, but won’t be damaged easily the way marble can and doesn’t have resins found in quartz.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens have become social spaces which serve the dual roles of cooking and entertaining. For the cook who loves to share techniques, having an attentive audience at the cooking site is ideal. In addition, the heat from cooking stays outside, which can help lower the electric bill. 

Pool areas, fountains, patio bars and seating can be accented with or comprised of granite can be a gorgeous way to make these features unique and aesthetically pleasing. 

Flooring and footpaths

Outdoor flooring and footpaths of natural stone or pavers are much more natural than a concrete slab and have the bonus of creating a distinctive flow. Choices in flooring can be based on the level of uniformity and polish preferred by the homeowner combined with the amount of exposure the area will receive. It can either be installed over existing concrete or created for a specific space. 

Temperature control

Arizona temperatures can be a challenge in the summer months, therefore, temperature control should be added into budgetary considerations.. Cooling the outdoor patio area can be accomplished using ceiling fans, misters, or both, combined with shade screens. Surrounding plant material will offer transpiration, which adds to the cooling sensation. Stone water features can also bring elegance to the patio. 



Some of the economic factors which will affect the creation of an outdoor space upgrade include the amount of time the family will spend using it, the resale/return on investment, the property revaluation for tax purposes, and the amount of money the homeowner wants to spend on the initial project. 

Economics aside, the ambiance of having a gorgeous outdoor living space can add significantly to the homeowners’ quality of life. So, while economics is a factor, they shouldn’t be the only factor determining the value of an upgraded outdoor living area.