Granite kitchen Counters

Unless your house is newly built, chances are it could use a makeover.  Since a lot of home living is spent in the kitchen, that is usually one of the best spots to upgrade.

Once appliances are upgraded (for safety and functionality) and you've chosen the cabinets,  it is time to choose the backsplash and counter.

Granite stone is the most popular material when it comes to counters for a reason.  It's beautiful, unique, durable and easy to keep clean.  But there are a few things to consider when choosing your granite.

First, consider your surface area and the lighting in your room.  If you have a small, darker room away from windows consider a lighter color or marble to brighten the room.  However, also be aware that drinks can stain granite, so if you drink a lot of red wine or coffee either consider a different color or make sure food and drink spills are cleaned immediately.  

If you have an ideal large and bright space you can be more creative with color here.  Try a darker or neutral granite if you have kids using it to mix their mac and cheese and hot chocolate all day.  Browns hide most crumbs and spills, so you won't notice them at a quick glance.  That's great for day-to-day routine in a busy house, but slightly embarrassing when your mother-in-law finds some of last night's taco meat you missed while cleaning.

If you want something truly dramatic, you can play with contrasts with granite.  A black counter can offset white cabinets making your kitchen a stunning display and a work of art without the sculptures.

When choosing your granite counter also keep in mind what kind of a sink you are installing.  Granite can be worked around either a drop-in or a top-mount sink.  Under-mounts are most popular because you can push food directly into the sink.  A slate sink can complement granite beautifully, but stainless steel also works well depending on personal preference.  This will also affect your backsplash.

Beautiful, traditional kitchen full of granduer amd  contrasts.

Beautiful, traditional kitchen full of granduer amd  contrasts.

Regardless of your color choice, a granite counter can make your kitchen beautiful and updated and easy to clean.  It won't bubble and peak like the seventies vinyl counters. There is no grout to clean or tiles to crack (the thickness of the stone makes it difficult to crack).  You can feel comfortable that you spent your money wisely on a sturdy and beautiful kitchen upgrade.