Embossed Countertops


One thing innovators and manufacturers will do at the behest of customers is to push the limits of creativity to seek the reality of their dreams and visions.


So it was that CaesarStone Quartz Motivo collection of embossed surfaces came into production.  With four different patterns, these textures create an entirely new tensile experience in countertops. The multidimensional models turn the standard countertop into a work of art, guaranteed for life, and have taken the hearts of those who love to push the envelope of style and beauty.

Crocodile, lace, braids, and stripes are currently in production. This technique isn’t merely an etching, but part of the stone, so it won’t wear or fade away. Here we talk about each of the options in embossed countertop textures. 


With its breathtaking boldness, the stark linear dimension of Stripes is a compelling choice for high-tech, minimalist function with class. The bar table is a good example of a gorgeous application of this style.




Delicately twined curls are distinctly feminine, which offers a soft and charming floral motif to beautify any area.


For a more organic and natural look, Braid is the choice for those whose tastes fall somewhere between the stark and bold of Stripes and the utter femininity of Lace. Which it’s more subtle than the other two, it’s compelling in its simplicity and natural movement.


Crocodile is unmistakable and exotic, a bold and masculine texturing which compels the eye.  

Embossing is not limited to countertops, backsplashes, and walls--decor items and furniture are also being created with this ‘quartz fabric.’ Since it’s scratch, stain, and crack-resistant, it has a wide variety of applications. It’s also invulnerable to heat and cold, which is an outstanding element in the kitchen.


We have provided some pictures, but they don’t nearly do it justice. If you’re the type of person who appreciates elegance beyond the pale, one of the patterns in  CaesarStone Quartz Motivo collection will most certainly appeal to you.

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