How to Choose a Color Scheme for Your Dream Kitchen

Perhaps you have decided to remodel your kitchen, and you need to choose colors.

There is the tile, the cabinetry, the countertops and wall colors. The back splash, the range hood--well, it can all get a bit overwhelming. Even the color of the appliances will also come into play, to a certain degree. But, a little understanding of design principles will make choosing a color scheme for your kitchen simpler. 

Before you look at anything, go to your kitchen and give the lighting a critical eye. When it comes to kitchens, lighting is king. Because light colors, whether it’s cabinets, counters, or tile, reflect light. Dark colors absorb light. If you have a small kitchen, and don’t have any natural light, those dark-toned cabinets and countertops are going to absorb all the light in the room, and you’re going to feel like you’re standing in a crowded elevator. 

Light and dark materials create a dramatic contrast.

Light and dark materials create a dramatic contrast.

So, light colors are best, right? No, not exactly. Dark colors have come back in a big ways because they’re rich-looking and make a powerful statement. So, if you have a small kitchen, but lots of light, some dark wood is going to give it a lush look. Bigger kitchens can handle darker colors, as long as you’re careful not to make everything dark.

Let's look at some other options. Dark cabinets with a light countertop, or light cabinets with a dark countertop offer a dramatic contrast. Soft, light natural colors will make the whole kitchen easy on the eyes without dramatics.

One of the things which will move the decision-making process along is the type of stone you choose for your countertop. Granite is strong, heat-resistant, and low-maintenance. If you’re a busy cook or have small children, this might be your go-to choice. If you don’t cook as often, and want a more measured look, you might choose something like quartz. 

What about the wilder colors? 

If this is your forever home, and what you really like and want is something bold, then, by all means, you should live your dream. However, if this isn’t your forever home, and, especially if the rest of the house is a sedate, natural style, you may not want your kitchen to look  like a box of Crayolas exploded in it. 

Vivid Silestone. Live your dream.

Vivid Silestone. Live your dream.

The bottom line is that the colors you choose for the tile, cabinets and countertops should work well together and be suited to the rest of the house, If you want to stick to neutral colors, but are afraid it will be boring, you can use a dramatic stone backsplash or range hood to make a satisfyingly bold statement in an otherwise neutral kitchen and tie all of the different colors together.

Now that you have some basic tools, it might be time to pay a visit to our showroom and talk to our designer about how to make the kitchen of your dreams into reality.