Marvelous Marble


Today we’re going to talk about marble. Marble is an elegant, luxury material for countertops and other stone projects in the home. But, while marble is a gorgeous addition, it does require an abundance of care and maintenance. 

Thus, if you really want to look of marble in your home, without having to curb your behavior while cooking, a marble backsplash or marble backsplash tiles offers the feel of marble without the required diligence. This will also free up your counters for the gorgeous, dark countertop colors which experts predict are going to make an inspiring mark in this years’ kitchen design markets.

Marble should be installed by a pro

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There is nothing sadder than to have marble installed in your home, only to notice it has scratches and flaws as soon as the project is completed. For this reason, the most gifted contractor the Big Box store offers may not leave you with a product worthy of what you paid for it. Nevertheless, since you’ll be living with it every day, expect it to acquire a lot of ‘memories’ --aka stains and scratches.

Marble is popular

Interior designer Donna Mondi has predicted that dramatic marble with high-contrast bold veining is the new look which is going to be popular for years to come.


Marble can be damaged

Marble is a softer stone and can be scratched, etched with acidic food and liquid, and stained. So, if you want to avoid red wine stains, avoid red wine, and if you want a lime in that margy, you’ll need a cutting board. 

Black is king

Black marble is still a favorite color, both because of the dark, rich beauty of it and because, like it’s clothing counterpart, the little black dress, it is classic and hides some flaws. It can be a solid color, or richly veined. 

White marble is gorgeous

Think of Grandma’s old marble top table, and you get the picture; homeowners fall in love with marble because it shrieks ‘home’. They are just wild about it, even when it has flaws.


Marble is high maintenance

Marble has to be sealed every six months with a commercial-grade sealer. Especially if you regularly cook, keeping marble sealed is the only way to protect it from day-to-day use. It takes some heat, but nothing like it’s granite cousin.


In short, marble, even for all of its beauty and grandeur, is going to come out with scratches and flaws. A homeowner who is aware of this going in will have a much easier time of it when they discover a ring where they put the bottle of vinegar last week.

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